With the R38 release, all users must be assigned to a license key. A user can be assigned to only one license key per server installation. There are two ways to handle license assignment: 

  • Automatic assignment to a default license
  • Manual license assignment

This article describes the two options and how to assign a single user or batch assign multiple users to a license key. 


  • An installation of the SystemWeaver Admin client (swAdmin2)
  • Assignment of the Administrator role in the server
  • SystemWeaver license key(s) are uploaded to the server

Utilizing Automatic Assignment

One Default License

The most common scenario is an installation with one license key identified as the Default license

With automatic assignment, users are automatically assigned to the default license for the server installation. No additional action is needed. The default license will be pre-selected when creating new user accounts and for existing user accounts. In the below example, there is a default license key (named "SYS102 Rental 1") for the server installation on server "SYS102".

Multiple License Keys with One Default License

If multiple license keys are uploaded to a server installation, one of them can be designated as the default, for automatic assignment (e.g., for the largest pool of users), while another group of users can be manually assigned to any secondary licenses, e.g., if additional license keys are purchased. In the below example, there is one default license key and one non-default license key.

At any time, an Administrator can change the Default designation from one license to another, and/or assign specific users to any specific license. See below for how to manually manage assignment to a non-default license. 

Manually Assigning to Licenses

For installations with multiple licenses and/or where no default license will be designated, Administrators have the option to manually handle user license assignment. Assignment can be done in the User profile or via the Licenses tab.

Assigning a License via the User Profile

Assignment for a single user can be done when creating a new user or via Edit user on the Users tab. as shown below. Make your selection and click Save


Batch Assigning via Licenses Tab

Alternatively, you can batch assign multiple users to one license key via the Licenses tab's Assign users sub-tab. 

Multi-select the users by clicking on the rows using Ctrl+click or Ctrl+shift on your keyboard. 

Select the License that you want to assign the selected users to. 

When you are ready to assign them, click Assign user(s)

Tip: To filter a large user list, use the Search tool at the top right.

In the below example, 3 activated accounts currently assigned to the "SYS102 OTC 1" license (which is the default license for SYS102) are being assigned to the "SYS102 Rental 1" license key which is not the default license for the server installation.

It is important to note that if an assignment is not made for a user, and no license is designated as the Default, the user will not be able to log in until they are assigned to an available license.