Optimized Loading of Structural Parts

With R37, we optimized the loading of structures with simple parts. In R38, we have taken the first step to optimize the loading of structures containing structural parts, e.g., such as Test structures and views with lots of nodes. Further improvements to this are planned for later releases. The improvement times will differ depending on the number of structural parts, etc.. Below are a two small examples.

In seconds

Load Scope result view for Test suite structure, 815 items33.507.83
Load Test suite structure, 815 items3.302.75

Optimized New Version and Replace

The New version and replace operation has been optimized. Depending on the selected structure, operation time is now up to 100% faster. Below are two small examples.

In seconds

No. of items in selected structureR37R38

API: Optimized Search for Items with Attribute Value

A common use case when writing API programs and extensions is searching for items with a given attribute value, for example, get all requirements with a given requirement id. This is traditionally done by creating a filter and calling IswQ. Due to performance reasons, we have added a specific call on IswQ to do this:

        IswItems GetItemsWithAttributeValue(IswItemType itemType, bool includeSubTypes,

          IswAttributeType attributeType, string attributeValue);

This call should be significantly faster (e.g., up to 80%) and put lower load on the server than using filters.

It can be used for attributes which can be expressed as a string, e.g., string and integer.

ISSUE ID: 15775, 15416, 15456, 15711