Visualization of Sequence Diagrams

There is now a first version of a sequence diagram visualization using the built-in configurable graph view. The sequence diagram supports the following:

  • Lifeline of different types (Actor, Object,Boundary, Control, and Entity)
  • Messages
  • Gate
  • EndPoint
  • Fragment of different types (Alternative, Optional, Parallel, Loop, Critical region, Negative, Sequence diagram, etc.)
  • Frame

Working in Sequence Diagrams

In addition to using the built-in configurable graph to view a sequence diagram, it is now possible to edit the sequence diagram directly in the view. With this first version of editability, you can perform the following: 

  •  Add/New/Remove all sequence diagram objects:
    • Any type of LifeLine
    • Any type of Fragments
    • Frame
    • EndPoint
    • Gate
  • Connect different sequence diagram objects using messages:
    • Gate -> LifeLine
    • LifeLine -> LifeLine
    • LifeLine -> EndPoint
    • Self message

ISSUE ID: 15704