There is now basic support for performing New version and replace recursively in the structure tree. 

The option will now display as New version and replace in structure

As before, the option creates a new version of the selected part's item and replaces the item with the new version. 

Now, it will also do the same for any part items located above the selected item as long as:

  • You have access right to the item, and 
  • There are no later versions of the item

A dialog will indicate the Action for each part's item.  If one or both of the above two criteria are not true, the New version and replace in structure operation will not be performed.

In the below example, the user has write access to all items in the structure above the selected item, and there are no existing newer versions. The replace operation will be performed on each of them as shown below.  

If, at any point, an item or sub-structure does not meet the above criteria, the dialog will display this and perform no actions. In the below example, the user does not have access to "ECU2" and, therefore, cannot take out a new version on it or its sub-structure.

The user can then investigate the case to determine how to proceed.

ISSUE ID: 11292