All configuration in SystemWeaver is done using an XML editor. For config item views, you will find it on the Definitions tab. For built-in item views, it is available via the Edit XML button. 

The dialog enables you to view and edit XML in a syntax-colored view so you can easily see the different parts of the XML like names and attributes. 

If you click in a start tag, the matching end tag gets highlighted. This can be very handy whenever there is a structural problem in your XML. In the example below, the ForEachPart tag was not closed, so no matching tag gets highlighted, and an XML error displays:

The blue column to the far left, seen in the example, includes line numbers, and can compress/expand XML elements if you press the "-" and "+" buttons.

A right-click menu offers the following options. 

Inserting SIDs

Use the Insert SID... option in the Definitions view for config items to look up and insert SystemWeaver SIDs, using the Select type dialog.

Use Insert Attribute SID... to look up and insert an attribute SID using the Select attribute type dialog.

Show Context Visualizer 

The Show context visualizer option opens a window where any selected context definition is rendered as a graph. When you have created your context in the XML editor, highlight it, and then right-click and select Show context visualizer to get a graphical presentation of your context.

Find, Copy, and Paste

The Find option opens dialog where you can enter text to search for in the XML (a selected word will be suggested in the text box).

Find Next (or F3 shortcut) will take you to the next match.