tree view setting can be included as a button in a ribbon group. Instead of selecting the setting from the drop-down list above the tree, users can quickly click a button.  A tree view setting button is defined using the <TreeSettings> tagThis article provides configuration examples of shortcut buttons to tree view settings.


Example Configuration

This example has links to 2 pre-defined tree view settings (along with a graph view button) located on a custom tab "Design". The tree view settings are for the item type "AUTOSAR System" and the button enables users to quick jump between the two settings for their "AUTOSAR System" structure. 

        <ItemTab caption="Design">
                <RibbonGroup caption="Design">
                    <ItemView name="XXXGraph" configItem="ARLE:DesignGraphAutosarEdges" hideIfDisabled="true"/>
                    <TreeSettings name="Full LDC"/>
                    <TreeSettings name="Excl port"/>

Note, that the name value must be an exact match of the tree setting name shown in the tree setting view drop-down. 

Otherwise, the button will not display.

Example Result