I am getting an error when trying to run a <Log> using a path expression with a Context (3rd entry in below example). 

<Text>___________Requirements Related to Production #{Name} --- #{? /back::GateToReq/back::FTAtoTop/FTAtoProdReq.Select(Name)}</Text> 

<Log>___________Requirements Related to Production #{Name} WO Context --- #{? /back::GateToReq/back::FTAtoTop/FTAtoProdReq.Select(Name)}</Log>

<Log>___________Requirements Related to Production #{Name} W Context --- #{? Context:/back::GateToReq/back::FTAtoTop/FTAtoProdReq.Select(Name)}</Log>

The <Text> tag works fine.

First <Log> returns an empty list.

Second log (with Context:) crashes with parsing error, but the document execution is continued.

Error message


Adding Section 40

___________Requirements Related to Production ABC1 W Context --- Error parsing expression:


Compile error: Pos(1:9)

Syntax Error(-23): ":" found

but [(EOF)] expected

--> Parsing prematurely halted due to unsolveable error at (1:9)

Adding Section 41



You must declare a variable first. Example: 
<Variable name="ReqRelatedToProd" as="Items"  select="Context:/back::GateToReq/back::FTAtoTop/FTAtoProdReq) "/>

<Log>___________Requirements Related to Production #{Name} W Context --- #{? $ReqRelatedToProd .Select(Name)}</Log>