Setting default values for users enables them to load a view, e.g., a grid, graph, that has a parameter and given the pre-selected values, the view will display content. They do not have to chose a parameter for the view which many times is difficult for them to do. 

There are now two options for setting a pre-selected value: the existing hintContextPath and a new attribute called defaultValue. They can be used in the same view configuration for different parameters, but cannot be combined/used together for the same parameter.

<Parameter caption="String" name="String" as="String" defaultValue="'String1'"> 

The supported data types for defaultValue are: 

  • Boolean
  • String
  • Date
  • Integer
  • Int64
  • User
  • Object

The default value must be a valid parameter value, otherwise the default value will be empty.

ISSUE ID: 15256