If the need arises to move your SystemWeaver data files, e.g., to a new server, it is important to take steps to ensure the data is not corrupted during the process. This article provides recommendations for how to move SystemWeaver data files safely. 

  1. Ensure that the SystemWeaver server applications are stopped so that none of the data files being moved are actively being written to (alternatively, take backup copies and move those)
  2. Compress the files before moving them. This would apply to any of these files: 
  3. Then, extract the files in their new location(s). 

Server/Log Configuration Files

The server application/log configuration files are located with their respective server application executable. It is not necessary to zip the configuration file types if you are moving them:  

  • settings
  • props
  • ini
  • nlog

However, you should review all configuration files to ensure all filepaths to data files in their new locations are correct.