The Signature type attribute provides a means of electronically signing an item. The signing attaches a block of identification data to the item that you sign.


  • Digital signing requires the signing user to be logged into a Windows session using a User ID that matches the Network ID in an activated SystemWeaver account
  • Items must have a Status of "CS Released" to be digitally signed using this attribute type
  • An installation of SystemWeaver version R37 or later

Users are provided with an attribute editor to perform the signing when the item(s) are in status "CS Released":

The preview editor shows the display name of the user that signed as well as the date:

Users can also view digital signature information in the pop-up editor: 

When creating an attribute of type Signature, the only requirements are a SID and a Name. 

Valid Data Dimension(s): Single

Support for Default Value: No

Allows Empty Value: Yes

Configurable Editor: Yes, width, but not height

Things to Consider

  • Once a Signature attribute is added to an item and is used to sign, the attribute can never be removed from the item.
  • A signed item can never be removed. 
  • Since you cannot remove the item, and it has a status of "CS Released", this item and any referenced items, including previous versions can never be removed. 
  • You can also sign issues, however, the meaning of signing an issue is determined by the workflow definition.