As a project administrator, you have options to delete or deprecate (i.e., hide) Public views that are no longer in use. The options delete the view configuration only and have no effect on the project issues themselves. This article describes how to delete and deprecate issue views. 


  • An installation of the SystemWeaver Explorer client (swExplorer)
  • You must have "Change" access rights to the CMS project OR the Administrator role in the server 

Deprecating a Public View

  1. Under Views and Charts, right-click on the public view that you want to hide, and select Edit view.
  2. Check Is deprecated in the Define View dialog.
  3. Click OK

The view can now be found in the Deprecated Views section of Views and Charts. This section is only viewable to project members with "Change" access rights to the project or users with the Administrator role. 

A deprecated view can be reinstated at any time by unchecking Is deprecated

Note: Private views cannot be deprecated. If no longer used, a private view can be deleted. 

Deleting an Issue View

To delete a public or private issue view, right-click on the entry in the Views and Charts list and select Delete view

Confirm the operation in the Delete View dialog. Deleted view configurations are permanently deleted and cannot be restored.