The External Reference type attribute provides a means of referencing a document or URL that resides outside of SystemWeaver. An external reference is similar to a hyperlink, with the difference that the external reference is associated with a specific item type, so that gives it specific meaning.

Users are provided with an attribute editor when clicking on the provided button. Here they input the external reference URI and display text. The display text is displayed as the value.


Users can redirect to the reference by using the Open file button in the External Reference dialog shown above, or by right-clicking in the preview editor and selecting Open external reference


The preview editor for an array of external references grows as additional references are added. If a reference's name has been truncated, one can hover to view the complete file name.

Instead of a button, users are provided with a right-click context menu of options. 

When creating an attribute of type External Reference, the only requirements are a SID and a Name. 

Valid Data Dimension(s): Single, array

Support for Default Value: Yes, for single

Allows Empty Value: Yes

Configurable Editor: Yes, width, but not height 

Things to Consider

  • When referring to a file outside of SystemWeaver, it is essential that the file is managed in a proper file management system
  • When refactoring from Single to Array, there should be no data loss. 
  • When refactoring from Array to Single, multiple occurs will be combined to a single string.