The SystemWeaver Jira plugin enables you to easily switch between your Jira installation and your SystemWeaver database. This article describes how to load the Jira extension view and how to log in to Jira via SystemWeaver. 


  • An installation of the SystemWeaver Explorer client (swExplorer), version R28 or later
  • The SystemWeaver SWExtension.Jira2.dll client extension is located in the Client's swExplorerExtensions directory 
  • The SystemWeaver Jira integration has been installed, activated and configured by an Architect/IT Admin
  • The SystemWeaver swExplorerLauncher application is registered on user's machine (required for redirects from Jira to SystemWeaver)

Loading the Jira View

The Jira extension view is configured by your SystemWeaver Architect to be used with a specific item type or types.  To get started, select an item of a type for which the Jira extension has been configured. 

When you do this, the Jira menu option will become available on the Items ribbon. In the below example, an item of type "Function requirement" is selected so the option is available. If you select an item of a type for which the Jira extension is not configured, the menu option will be grayed out.

You can also access the view using the View drop-down under Extensions. 

Not seeing the Jira menu option?  First verify that you have the SWExtension.Jira2.dll extension file in your client installation. You can confirm this by navigating to Welcome>About and looking in the Extensions section. The file must be located there for the extension to be available:If it is there and you still do not see the menu option, check with your system's Architect to ensure that it has been activated.

When you select the Jira option, the view will display. By default, there are two tabs in the Jira view - Issues and Jira

The status of your login to Jira will always be clearly displayed at the bottom of the view to the right of the Login Settings button. In the above example, the user is not logged in to Jira via SystemWeaver. If the view is configured to allow access to multiple instances of Jira and you are logged in to multiple instances, these will be listed and separated by a comma: 

Logging In to Jira 

There are three options for logging in to Jira via the view: 

  • One-time login
  • Save your password
  • Stay logged in

To get started, click Login settings

All options are available for both Jira Server and Jira Cloud installations. However, for Jira Cloud, you must retrieve an API token from your Atlassian account to enter as your Jira password. 

For all three login options, you will first select a Jira Server. The server options that you see in the Select Active Jira dialog are those that have been configured for use with the Jira plugin. 

One-time Login

To log in without saving your login credentials, simply select one of the listed servers, and then enter your Jira Username and Jira Password and click Login. Your credentials will not be saved, therefore, you will need to enter them each time that you want to use the Jira view with that selected server. In the below example, the "Jira2" server is selected (highlighted in blue).

Save Password

The Save password option will save your Jira password for future logins. To apply this setting, select the Server, enter your Jira Username and Jira Password, select Save password and then click Apply Setting. With this setting applied, your password will be pre-populated for you in the future and you will just need to click Login to log in to Jira and use the view with the selected server. In the below example, the "Jira1" server is selected so the Save password option will be applied for that server.

Stay Logged In

The Stay logged in option will keep you logged in to Jira. To apply this setting, enter your Jira Username and Jira Password, select Save password and Stay logged in and then click Apply Setting.  Click Login. In this way, each time you want to use the Jira view, you will already be logged in to Jira via the view. The setting applies for your current and future SystemWeaver sessions. In the below example, the Stay logged in option is activated for the selected "Jira2" server.

Clearing Saved Login Credentials

To log out of Jira for the extension view, you will need to clear your Jira login credentials and login settings. 

  1. Click Login Settings
  2. Select the Jira server from which you want to log out or clear the settings for. 
  3. Remove your Jira username and password values. 
  4. If you had also applied Save password or Stay logged in settings, clear Save password as well. 
  5. Click Apply Setting.

If you clear your credentials during your session, you will be logged out of Jira. Although the Jira issues may still display during your current session, once you close the application, i.e., X out, the issues will no longer display until you log in again. 

Note: If you attempt to access the Jira extension view via SystemWeaver and receive a "Forbidden" error, it may be that your login to Jira is not being accepted, e.g., due to too many unsuccessful login attempts.

To resolve the problem, navigate to your Jira login screen and complete a CAPTCHA login to verify your login.

Once you complete the CAPTCHA login successfully, you should have no troubles logging in via the view.