The following improvements have been made to the configurable Graphs view. 

The menu options previously located in a right-click context menu are now available on a toolbar at the top of the view. 

Similar to when working in the structure tree, the Graphs view now interacts more with the standard options on the Items ribbon. 

Open and Copy

When selecting a node in the graph, the Open and Copy options on the Items ribbon are now also available for more interactivity.

You can also use their respective shortcuts, e.g., Ctrl+C, Ctrl+O, etc. as usual. Copying an object in the graph, i.e., node, port, etc., using Ctrl+C or the right-click Copy ID(s) option will put the object(s) unique ID on your clipboard. You can then, for example, use Ctrl+G to find all occurrence in the structure tree, paste it in an email, etc. 

Multi-select is supported as well, as shown above. 


With the graph view in focus, you can use the Find menu group options (including the Ctrl+F shortcut) to find objects in the graph.

Add Note

With the graph view in focus, you can use Add note to add a note to the selected item.


A new style for indicating selection of node and parent node has been introduced. 

It is now possible to select ports and copy them if needed.

In addition, the "SGraphML" file format for exports has been deprecated.

ISSUE ID: 15000,15003,15042,15074