The following methods, object properties, and operators have been added to the Query Language to retrieve data related to library and access rights. 


  • Admins
  • AllUsers
  • GetUserAccess
  • Groups
  • Users
  • User

Object Properties

  • Owner (Valid for: item, issue, attachment, node, HomeLibrary)


  • in

Configurable Graph Example Configuration

		<NodeStyle name="Library" fillColor="#f9f5a4" fillColor2="#f9f5a4"/>
		<NodeStyle name="Group" fillColor="#508ee1" fillColor2="#ffffff"/>
		<NodeStyle name="GroupUsers">
				<Actor lineColor="#3e58c2"/> 
		<NodeStyle name="GroupAdmins">
				<Actor lineColor="#c2723e"/>
	<ApplyTemplate name="LUAR"/>
	<Template name="LUAR">
		<Variable name="currentItem" as="Items" select="."/>
		<ForEach select="HomeLibrary">
			<Node style="Library" caption="#{? Name +  NewLine + ' Owner: ' + Owner.RealName  }">
				<ForEach select="$currentItem">
					<Node caption="#{? Name + NewLine + 'Owner: ' + Owner.RealName}"/>
					<Edge from="." to="Owner" caption="'Access Right: ' + HomeLibrary.GetUserAccess(Owner).Join(', ')"/>
			<Edge from="." to="Groups"/>
			<Edge from="." to="Owner" caption="'Library Owner'"/>
		<Variable name="Admins" as="Items" select="HomeLibrary.Groups.SelectMany(Admins)"/>
		<ForEach select="HomeLibrary.Groups">
			<Node style="Group"/>
			<Edge from="." to="AllUsers"/>
		<ForEach select="HomeLibrary.AllUsers - HomeLibrary.Groups.SelectMany(AllUsers) ">
			<Edge from="$currentItem.HomeLibrary" to="."/>
		<ForEach select="HomeLibrary.AllUsers">
				<When test=". in $Admins">
					<Node style="GroupAdmins" caption="#{RealName}"/>
					<Node style="GroupUsers" caption="#{RealName}"/>

Example Result

Additional examples can be found in Viewing Library and Access Rights.

ISSUE ID: 14824