The System variables option provides a list of all System variables defined in the SystemWeaver database. This includes: 

  • Counters, e.g., Issues counter
  • Sequence counters, e.g., Identity attribute counters
  • UniqueId counters
  • System Security settings, e.g., Security level, password policies

Normally the system variables are managed automatically as part of the SystemWeaver solution, but in special cases you may need to access them and their values.


  • To access the report, you must be assigned the Root role. This role should be used restrictively and only be assigned to special, dedicated user accounts
  • An installation of the SystemWeaver Architect client (swArchitect)

To generate the report, on the Metadata tab, go to Reports > System variables

When the report is finished, it will open in a read-only Description editor:

The report contains the following information about each variable. Most of the information is useful to Architects, while the security and password settings are of interest to Administrators.


The name of the variable and/or identification of type of counter.

IssueIdCounter: The last value in the issue ID number counter.

PasswordMinLength: The Min password length setting

PasswordNumberOfDaysinQuarantine: The Quarantine period setting

Sequence.X: The last value in the named Identity attribute counter

UniqueIdCounter.X: The last value in the named UniqueId attribute counter 

ServerSecurityLevel: The Security level setting


For all counters, the number indicates the last value used for the named counter. 

For security and password settings, the number is the current setting.