The SystemWeaver RVF attribute type supports full-formatted text, including pictures. This is the format used in Descriptions in SystemWeaver. Whenever needed, the format is automatically translated into the RTF format used in MS Office applications. 

Users are provided with an editor that will display a preview of the value. An editor dialog that offers a wide range of editing and formatting options is available for viewing and input. To access the editor, users click on the button to the right of the field as shown below.

When creating an attribute of type RVF, the only requirements are a SID and a Name.  

Valid Data Dimension(s): Single

Support for Default Value: Yes

Allows Empty Value: Yes

Configurable Editor: Yes, width, but not height

Things to Consider

  • An RVF attribute can include the same type of formatted text as an item Description.
  • An RVF attribute cannot be converted to another attribute type. If converted, all attributes with existing values will have a data error until the type is changed back to RVF.
  • The preview editor displays plain text, i.e., no formatting, images, tables, etc. To view the formatted and complete content, users must open the editor.
  • Because attributes are loaded as soon as you fetch an item, if the content of RVF attributes in an item structure is large in size, it could potentially add to the loading time of the structure.