The Review Support extension views provide organizations with a review process tool that supports users in setting up and performing reviews in SystemWeaver. The Review Support views use the built-in SystemWeaver Change Management System (CMS) Projects module. This article walks you through the process of setting up a new Project and provides examples. 

Creating the Project

To get started, the first step is to create a project which is done via the File > New project menu. If there is already an existing Review project that you would like to copy for a new review, you have the option to select the Use existing setup for another project  reuse option. 

Creating a Workflow

Next, you will need to create one workflow for each issue type in the project, e.g., 

  1. One for the Review issue type
  2. One for the Review Task issue type, and
  3. One for the Comment issue type

Each workflow will have a set of statuses. 

Example Review Workflow

Example Review Task Workflow

Example Comment Workflow

Creating Issue Types

All issues in a project are of a specific type. For reviews, you will create 3 issue types. You may want to label them something like Review, Review Task, and Comment.

For each issue type, be sure to assign the appropriate Workflow. In the above example, The Comment issue type is assigned to the Comment workflow.

Creating Issue Type Templates

As with all projects in SystemWeaver, there is an option to define one or more templates for any of the defined issue types. 

In the below example, users can chose to select a template for their Comment depending on the agreed upon work process.

Defining Relationships

Relationships in CMS projects are defined relations between issues and/or between issues and a specific type of item. You will need to create 5 different relationship types for the review project. 

Three relationship types that you will need to define are between an issue type and an item

  • Link the Review issue type to Items under review
  • Link the Review Task issue type to Items under review
  • Link the Comments issue type to Items under review

The other two relationship types that you will need to define are between an issue type and an item:

  • Link the Review issue type to the Review Task issue type
  • Link the Review Task issue type to the Comment issue type

Relationship Activation

The relationships need to be activated for each issue type as shown below: 

Note: In the Project, the "Review to Item" relationship displays as a Item attribute in the Attributes section, and not under the Relationships section.

Administering Access Rights to a Project

Finally, you will need to provide "Write" access rights to all of the users who will participate in the review. The use of user groups is optional, but a useful way to assign issues to a group of users.

What's Next?

See Configuring the Review Support Views.