The scaling of the component shapes listed below has been improved so as to fit all interfaces/ports and minimize the overlapping of ports and connection names on the components. 

  • Chevron
  • Ellipse
  • Parallelogram
  • Rectangle

The NodeGroup header will now always display as one row in height. In this way, sub-nodes will not cover any part of the header.

Should a NodeGroup header be too long, it will now be truncated with "...". A new tooltip is provided when hovering over a graph object to allow viewing of the entire header. 

The graph objects that support the tooltip are:

  • Port (tooltip = the port name)
  • Node/node inside node (tooltip = the node name)
  • Edge (tooltip = the edge name)
  • Group (tooltip = the node group name)

When selecting a GroupNode, its immediate sub-nodes will now also be displayed in the Neighborhood pane.

ISSUE ID: 14681,14250,14293