A part is a link between two items and, by default, its name is displayed as the item name of its defining object (i.e., the item that it is pointing to). 

There is an option in the meta model to allow for the use of an alternative (part) name instead of using the default item name of the defining object. If the option is activated by an Architect, users can choose to set a part name for an item in a structure. Setting a part name can be done both directly in the structure tree, and in the Parts view. This article describes how to do this. 


Using the Structure Tree

Select the part and press F2. The Set item and part name dialog will display.

The original item name will appear in the Item name field. Enter the part name in the Part name field and click Save. The part name will now display in the tree in blue font as illustrated above for 4 parts named "KeyID_..." in the structure. 

To return the name to its original item name, press F2 and clear the Part name field. Click Save to save your changes. 

Note: If the use of part names is not activated in the meta model for a , the dialog will not be available.

Using the Parts View

A part name can also be set using the Parts view. Select the owning item of the part you want to rename and load the view. Select the part and press F2 or right-click on it and select Rename

The Name will become editable. Enter the new part name and press Enter or click outside the Name to apply the change.

The part name will now display in blue font.

To return the name to its original name, right-click on the part and select Init part name