When users view item structures in SystemWeaver, they are viewing items related to other items by way of a part. The items have names and, by default, the names of the parts are item names. As an example, a car (Item) has four wheels (items), which are parts of a car. 


The wheels could be given part names, such as "Front right", "Front left", "Rear right", and "Rear left". All these wheels could be defined by the same "Wheel" item, but have these different (part) names applied to them.

In other cases, having a part name might be meaningless, for example, with a list of employees of a company. Each employee is a part in the list, but the name of the employee would be managed as an item name.

Whether a part can have a part name or not is defined in the meta model by an Architect. The Use Part Name option, when activated, allows for a part of a specific part type to have a part name. By default, the Use Part Name option is not activated. 


Activating Part Name Option

To activate the option, find the part in the Type tree in the swArchitect client. 

Then, select the part and check the Use Part Name box. 

Users can now set part names directly in the structure tree or using the Parts view.

Deactivating Part Name Option

To turn this option off at any time, find the part in the Type tree in the swArchitect client. Then, select the part and uncheck Use Part Name

 Be aware that this will reset all existing part names to their original item name.

Click OK to continue with deactivating the option.