Clone Document in a Controlled Way

As described in Working with Documents, the Create new document from this template view offers support for cloning a document in a controlled manner. In addition, this article provides an example Clone item view definition, where the Boolean attribute Generic Section [5GSI] is used to define that certain sections in a document should not be cloned, but instead included. The attribute is not a default attribute. Instead, for sections in a document template that should not be cloned, you can add the attribute as an additional attribute, and add 'True'. You can control the cloning at all levels of sections.

Example Data

The "Technology Subsection" is being flagged as a generic section to include by using an additional attribute.

Example Configuration

  <Config id="CloneDoc">
	  <Caption>New Doc</Caption>
		  <Description>Creates a new Document from selected Document/template. Keeps configuration, clones sections</Description>
	  <Part sid="IRHE" action="include"/>
	  <Part sid="IRFO" action="include"/>
	  <Part sid="IRTF" action="include"/>
	  <Part sid="IRTH" action="include"/>
	  <Part sid="IRTP" action="include"/>
	  <Part sid="IREX" action="include"/>
	  <Part sid="IDR" action="include"/>
	  <Part sid="IRRS" action="clone">
	  <Part sid="ISSE" action="clone">

Example ResultĀ 

Below is the example when loaded to the view.