The <TestSequenceList/> tag can be used to output all sequence tables in a Test Case in a report. It can be used on items and nodes. When used on nodes, the result column is included.

The optional attribute includeComments includes the Comment column in the table. The default is "true".


Single Test Case

<TestSequenceList includeComments="true"/>


Node example to show all sequence tables in Test Cases under a Test:

  <Context name="context1">
    <AddParts owner="main" sid="ISSP" part="specPart" defobj="spec" nodes="true"/>
    <AddParts owner="spec" sid="ITEC" part="testCasePart" defobj="testCase" nodes="true"/>
  <ForEachNodeInContext name="context1" group="testCase">
    <Section title="#{Name}"> 


What's Next?

Check out the application Help for a complete list of available tag references for reports.