The Create issue from item view supports creation of individual issues for one or more selected items.

It is commonly used for lists of requirements, signals or other large sets of items that you might want to manage by using issues. When creating the issues, you are also setting the issue status. This article describes how to use the view. 


Select an item of the item type for which the view is configured, and select the Create issue from item view in the View drop-down list. 

Note: The view option will only display if a configuration exists for the selected item type.

Getting Acquainted with the View

When you load the view, you will see a list of the parts for the selected top-item in the bottom half of the screen. These are the parts for which issues can be created. In the below example, a "Function specification" is selected, and all four of its "Function requirements" are automatically listed in the view. 

The additional columns in the list shown in the example above, e.g., Type, Issue, are configured by an SW Architect. If needed for your work, you can add additional columns to the list on-the-fly. 

  1. To create the issues, select a project from the Project, Issue type and Issue status. 
    Note that only projects for which you have "Write" access will be listed.
  2. Select the item(s) in the list for which you want to create individual issues for. You can select one or more and do not have to select them all.
  3. Finally, click Create issues

A dialog will confirm the creation.

The new issues will now be viewable in the project. Each issue will be given the same name as its associated item.

If needed, you can make changes to your Project, Issue type and/or Issue status selections, and continue to use the view to create additional issues.