When you work in SystemWeaver using the different views to view your data, you may find the need to change the layout of the application for better viewing depending on different situations and use cases. You can do this using the Ribbon Display options, and splitter panes as described below. 

Ribbon Display Options

The Title row of the application includes the following options so you can adjust your layout quickly.


Show Tabs and Commands

This is the default layout for the swExplorer client. When selected, the tabs and their ribbons display.

Auto-hide Ribbon 

This option hides both the tabs and their ribbons.

Click anywhere in the Title bar area to access the tabs and ribbons temporarily. 

Show Tabs

This option will display only the tabs, i.e., File, Welcome, etc. Single-clicking on one of them will show the ribbon temporarily so that you can make a menu selection. The ribbon will then become hidden again. Or, you can double-click on a tab to restore the ribbons.

Another way to quickly switch to the Show Tabs layout is to click on ^ at the far right on the ribbon: 

You can use the ... button at any time to reset the selection.


Try out the ribbon display options!

Resizing Panes

Many views include splitter panes which divide the page into multiple sections. 

You can either drag the splitter, or click on it to maximize one of the panes.

Some panes include minimize/maximize buttons that can be used for minimizing a pane. One example of this is in the Overview view. Each section can be collapsed or expanded to meet your viewing needs. 

What's Next?

Learn about customizing grids throughout the swExplorer.