When a Config Item view is created, there is a quick way to add a button for the view to an existing or new ribbon group on the Items tab ribbon using an option on the Definitions tab. This article describes how to do this. If you are looking to add the Config Item view to a custom tab ribbon, or as part of a Merge button, etc., it needs to be configured as part of the Item ribbon tab feature.


  • An installation of the SystemWeaver swExplorer client (swExplorer)
  • Assignment of the SW Architect role in the server
  • A Config Item whose definition has been saved

Adding Button to Items Ribbon

Once saved, config item views can be added to the Items ribbon for easy access by users. To do this, enter the name of the ribbon group in the Ribbon Group field on the Definitions tab. The button will appear in real time as you type. 

In the below example, the new report config item is made available in a new Ribbon Group called 'Config item example'. 

Config items associated with different item types can be added to the same Ribbon Group. In that situation, the Ribbon Group will become visible to users when they select one of the associated item types. The selected item's associated Config item button will appear active while the Config item buttons associated with other item types will appear inactive (grayed out).  

In the below example, there are 4 Config item views (1 chart, 1 graph, 1 grid and 1 report) in the "ISO 26262" ribbon group. The grid and the chart are activated because they are configured for the item type "HARA analysis area", and "Example functions" is an item of this type. The graph and the report are unavailable because they are associated with another item type. (There is also a "Scenario" Coverage item view grayed out in this example. It is not a Config item view, but can still belong to the same ribbon group.)

If none of the views in a ribbon group are associated with a selected item type, the ribbon group will not display. In the below example, a "Mode container" is selected, and the ISO 26262 ribbon group is not visible because none of the view options there can be used with this item type.

Removing Button from Items Ribbon

To remove a Config Item view button from a ribbon group, search for and open the Config Item. Navigate to the Definitions tab and clear out the Ribbon Group field. The view option will immediately be removed.