A quick way to create a new Config Item that is similar to an existing one is to use the Save as new configuration option. This alternative is perfect if you want to create another, somewhat different view that is not meant to replace the one you are copying. 

  1. In the View drop-down, select Config Item type, e.g., Charts, Graphs, Grids, Reports, and then select the existing report definition you wish to copy. Here is an example for Charts.

  2. On the Definition tab, modify the script to to fit the needs of the new Config Item.
  3. When you are satisfied with the results and are ready to save, click the Versioning button and select Save as new configuration.

  4. In the New Config Item dialog, enter a name for the new Config Item and click OK.

    The new Config Item will now appear as on option in the View drop-down. You can then chose to add it to a ribbon tab by entering a value in Ribbon group. This is optional.

    If you do not, users can select it from the View drop-down only.