Since Config Items are items and not officially part of the meta model, you cannot import them via the swArchitect client. They must be imported via the swExplorer just as other data is imported. A typical use case for wanting to import Config Items is if they exist in another database (that has the same meta model as the target database) and you would like to use them in the target database. 


An import of Config Items may consist of only Config Items or it may include other data along with the Config Items. Either way, the import process is the same. See Import from XML: Matching Within a Library to learn how.

Example of New Config Items Import

Note: Unlike item and part data, Config Items are not assigned to a library. So, if you are only importing Config Items, your Choose Access (Library where the item is stored) setting will only apply to the top-level item that contains the Config Items (in this example, "All config" WorkArea).