When you change a SID in a meta model, e.g. if you change an attribute type SID or item or part SID, the SID must be changed wherever it is being used in a configuration. You will want to check two types of configured views: 

  • Item views configured via Configure the explorer
  • Config items, i.e., configured grids, graphs, reports, charts, XMLs, occurrence matrices, and add part grids. 

This article describes various ways to find configurations that need to be updated. 


Using the API to Get All Configurations

One way to get all XML configurations in a server is by using the API as explained in How to Get and Set XML Configurations. You can then make the changes in the configuration(s) using the API or manually via the swExplorer.

Updating Views Configured via Configure the Explorer

To check the views that are configured via Configure the explorer, there are a couple of options and these are described below.

Exporting Explorer View Configuration Files

You can export the configuration files and search them for the SID using, for example, Windows. See Exporting Explorer View Configurations for more details.

You can then update each definition via Configure the explorer using Edit configuration as described below, or you can import the XML files to complete the update. 

Using Configure the Explorer

You can complete a manual review of each configurable, active view via Configure the explorer

To do this, sort by Visibility, and then by On/off to group the activated, configurable views together. 

Then, click Edit configuration and search (Ctrl+F) for the SID in each configuration. Make any updates as you go along. 

Updating Config Items

To check all configured grids, graphs, reports, charts, XMLs, occurrence matrices, and add part grids, you can use one of the following options. 

Searching for the SID in Definitions

Using the General Search tool, you can search the entire server for definitions that include the SID that you changed. A separate search for definitions needs to be done for each config item type, e.g., grid, report, graph, etc. The different config item SIDs and their definition attribute SIDs are listed in Installing the SystemWeaver Config Items Meta Data. 

Tip: You can also find the SID for an attribute type by Alt+clicking on it in Overview. It will display inside parenthesis ( ).

Click Open item

For Has Attribute, search for and select the config item definition attribute for the type of config item that you want to check. In the below example, the search will be for grid definition attributes (GRXM) that contain "HWSS" which is the SID that was refactored and that needs to be changed in all configurations where it is being used.

The search result will be a list of grid items whose definition contains the old SID. 

You can then open each config item and then click on the Edit XML button. Make your changes in the definition attribute, and click OK to save your changes.

Configuring a Grid to Find Definitions with SID

Another option is to configure a grid that displays only the definitions that contain the SID you are looking to replace. See Finding All Configurations That Include a Specific Attribute for more information. You can then update each configuration as described above in Using Configure the explorer.