SystemWeaver is a collaborative environment. This means all items in the database can potentially be reused multiple times in a model or in multiple models in the database. In the below example, a requirement is used twice. 

There is a unique ID for these occurrences which is called the Part Handle and this information could be useful in particular for SW Architect users. Where you can view this in swExplorer depends on whether it is a Simple Part or Structural Part

Viewing Part Handle for Simple Parts

Part Handles for Simple parts can be viewed using, for example, the Parts view or Path Query Evaluation view.

Parts View

Add Handle to the Parts view by right-clicking on the header row and selecting Add field column as shown below.

The Handle column will display the unique ID for the item occurrence. You can see this in the example for the reuse of the "Adjust speed" requirement.

Path Query Evaluation

You can also view the Part Handle using the Path Query Evaluation view. In the below example, /IURQ/part::ITSR.Select(Handle)when "Function requirements" is selected. 

Viewing Part Handle for Structural Parts

To view the Part Handle for Structural Parts, one easy way to view it in one structure is to add a column for Part.Handle in the structure tree by right-clicking on the header row and selecting Add field column

Structure Tree Grid

Parts View

You can also use the Parts view as describe above for Simple Parts.