The need to change the SID of an attribute in a meta model may arise, e.g., the attribute SID may conflict with an attribute SID used by an organization that you exchange data with. The swArchitect application provides a refactoring option for changing an attribute type SID. Once the refactoring is completed, any view configurations that use the SID will need to be updated.


  • Assignment of the SW Architect role in the database
  • An installation of the SystemWeaver Architect client (swArchitect).

There are two parts to changing an attribute type's SID. First, the SID itself is changed. Then, the old SID needs to be replaced with the new SID in any configurations where it is being used. 

Tip: If you want to see the extent that the attribute is used, the Reports refactoring option provides some counts that might be interesting to view prior to refactoring.

Refactoring the SID

To get started, open the swArchitect application and go to the Refactorings tab. Select Change Attribute type SID

For Change SID of, use the browse button to find and select the Attribute whose SID you want to change. Click OK to make your selection.

Enter the existing SID value in the from field and the new SID value in the to field. 

When you are ready to implement the change, click Execute. Click OK in the Confirm dialog to proceed with the refactoring. The attribute type's SID has now been changed in the meta model. You can confirm this in the list on the Attributes tab. 

What's Next? 

Updating Configurations After a SID Change

Now that the attribute type's SID has been changed, the SID must be changed wherever it is being used in a configuration. See Updating Configurations After a SID Change.