This article describes how to configure a grid to display all config items, i.e., grids, graphs, reports, XMLs and charts, that contain a particular attribute. This can be especially useful for SW Architect users who have completed a refactoring of an attribute type SID and now need to update the SID where it is in use. The resulting grid can be exported to Excel if needed. 

To get started, you will want to create a work area structure that includes all configuration. One way to do this is described in Creating a Config Items Work Area in Configuring a Grid for Config Item Definitions

Once you have your configurations in a the work area, create a grid for the top-level item and use <AttributesContains> to filter for the particular SID that you are looking for. In the below example, the grid will return all configurations that contain the "RQID" attribute. 

Example Configuration

        <ItemNameColumn width="200"/>
    <Variable name="sidToFind" as="String" select="@SID"/> 

    <Filter name="Has10IN">
        <AttributesContains value="10IN" case_sensitive="false"/>

    <ForEach select="/CONI">
        <If filter="Has10IN">


Example Result

There are 5 XML configurations that include the attribute "10IN". 

Tip: Add a column for the config items' definition attribute to view the definitions directly in the grid and edit them there as well. Example for grid definition attribute:        

<ItemAttributeColumn type="GRXM" caption="Definition" readOnly="false" width="auto"/>

A complete list of gride definition attribute SIDs can be found in Installing the SystemWeaver Config Items Meta Data.