This article provides an example of how to add a note to an item using the SystemWeaver Client API. Make sure that you have RVFUtility.dll added as an item in your project and that it’s copied to the output directory or you’ll get an exception.


static void Main()
            SWConnection.Instance.ServerMachineName = "localhost";
            SWConnection.Instance.ServerPort = 1768;
            SWConnection.Instance.LoginName = "admin";
            SWConnection.Instance.Password = "supersecretpassword";

            //Get an item to work with.

            var item = SWConnection.Instance.Broker.GetItem(SWHandleUtility.ToHandle("x04000000000010BC"));
            //You can check which note types are active by using the list available on the broker.

            foreach (IswNoteType noteType in SWConnection.Instance.Broker.NoteTypes)
                Console.WriteLine($"SID: {noteType.SID}\tName: {noteType.Name}");

            //If you want to just add a default note to an item, just use the NND note type.

            item.AddNote("NND", "Some Note Name", SWDescription.PlainTextToDescription("I am a description."));