The Document view is for viewing the content of a SystemWeaver Document. The view can be accessed by selecting it in the Documents menu group on the Items ribbon tab or via the View drop-down list.  

The view is read-only and presents the document content in an outline mode and does not include any page information, such as document headers or title page. If you want to review the layout as printed, you should use the Document Print preview.

The view can be used whenever you select a Document or any item within the document structure to the left in the tree. Depending on which item you have selected, the view will redirect focus to the corresponding position in the outline.

And vice versa, If you select anything in the view, the corresponding item is highlighted in the structure tree. (Provided that the view can figure out which item it is - which can be tricky for complex document generation - read more in the following section)

Note: Because the view needs to render the entire contents of the document, very large documents, e.g., containing 17,000 items, may take noticeable time to load into the view. Whenever you subsequently select any item within the document in the structure tree, it does need to search/determine which item it is and that can take a moment, but it does not regenerate the entire document view again.

Searching and Copying

The right-click context menu includes the search options Find... and Find Next. You can also select content in the view by using the click and Shift + click operations or the Select All option and then use the Copy option or Ctrl + C Shortcut.

Saving as RTF

You can use the Save As... option to save the outline into an RTF file. An informational pop-up will display to indicate that some formatting will not transfer to the RTF file. Click OK if you want to continue.


The default file name for the RTF will be itemname(version), but you can modify as desired. The file can be opened with applications like MS Word and can be useful if you need to process the document for special purposes.

The RTF will include Styles corresponding to the structure in the document:

Note: It is important to note that although an RTF output of a document can be subsequently modified in MS Word, it is not ideal to modify documents outside of the SystemWeaver system since then you cannot trust or know that a released document in the system is actually what was delivered. By design and to maintain data integrity, there is no way within SystemWeaver to modify a generated PDF. By not manipulating the output, it secures that you know what was generated and what was delivered.