This article describes one way to generate a report of all external references created within Systemweaver using the swExplorer client.

Select the Open item > General Search option to open the Find items dialog. In the Has Attribute section, select the Attribute Type called "External reference". 

Click OK. The Search Result page will display. Add a column that displays the items' Home Library by right-clicking on one of the existing column headers and selecting Expert > Add field column. 

Enter HomeLibrary in the dialog that appears and click OK.

This will show the access library for each item. If you right-click on a column header again and choose More > Add item attribute, you can then add the External reference attribute as well.

Tip: Make sure to uncheck Include only last version option at the bottom of the screen to include all versions of all Items.

You can then right-click anywhere on the page and choose Export > Export to Excel.