The Description editor has been upgraded with new toolbars and a number of new features. The main highlights are:

Updated Toolbar Style

The toolbar has a new look, and offers two style options to choose from. 

Ability to Add Figure and Table Captions

With an image or table selected, you now have an option to set caption text. 


A Zoom tool lets you zoom in on the description content which can be very helpful during online meetings.

Additional Option for Pasting Text-only

There is now an option to Paste as Text which stripes the text of formatting and pastes it as unicode text. 

The option is also available on the right-click context menu in both the embedded Description and in the pop-up editor.

Sort Table

It's now possible to sort the contents of a table by a selected column. The tool is located on the toolbar when you click in a table.

Image Editor

The data size of Descriptions is limited for good reason. Since description may be loaded whenever a user opens an item structure, a description of a single item could increase the loading time for users who do not even intend to read the specific description. The size of a single description may seem irrelevant, but since descriptions account for a big portion of the data size of an item, the reduction of the loading time can be substantial for large structures. 

When you insert images, you may encounter an Excessive data size message indicating that you need to limit the size of the description content. Most often this is due to the size of pictures. The Description editor now offers a built-in image editor that enables you to compress an image in various ways to stay within the important description size limit. If it is still not possible, or if you would like to attach the original image to the item, that option is provided as well.

ISSUE ID: 13185, 13640, 13945, 13661, 13631, 13891, 13179, 13629, 13707, 13926, 13943, 13949