All items in SystemWeaver have an Owner. When an item is created, the user who created it is set as the Owner. Therefore, the Owner is almost always the user who created the item. However, the Owner of an item can be changed. This article described how to find items by Owner using the swExplorer client. 

Find in a Structure

To find all items with a specific Owner in a specific structure.

  1. Load the structure. 
  2. Use the Ctrl+F shortcut or the Find menu.

  3. In the Find dialog, navigate to the XML tab and enter the following filter criteria. For the value, you will want to enter the Username (NOT the displayed Name).

    <Filter><OwnerEquals value="admin"/></Filter>

  4. The resulting hits in the structure tree will be highlighted in green.

Tip: To add a column for Owner, right-click anywhere in the header column of the tree and check Owner.

If you want to view the Username of the Owner that you are searching for, you can view this by adding a column for Created By using ?Item.CreatedBy as shown in the above example.

If you wish to export a list of the displayed information, see Exporting to Excel in Using the Structure Tree Grid.

Search Across the Entire Database

To search across the entire server, click Open item and select General Search

 We strongly recommend that you filter by as many Properties and/or attributes as possible so as not to cause performance issues. Here is an example of a search filtered by Item type and Owner. 

<Filter><ItemTypeEquals sid="DREQ"/><OwnerEquals value="admin"/></Filter>

If you are unsure of the syntax, you can always use the options provided on the Items tab and then move to the XML tab to make modifications to your fields and/or values. 

For a complete list of filters, see the application Help.