In the Status view, you get an overview of the status of the selected item, and its use in the selected structure tree. It is a standard, built-in view in the SystemWeaver swExplorer, available whenever a single item is selected. This article describes how to use the view. 

The view is accessible via the Items ribbon CM menu group, or by selecting it in the View drop-down list. 

The view consists of two panes. 

Status Area

The top pane provides an overview of the version status (i.e., Work, Frozen or Released), with the current status of the selected item highlighted in orange. Below each status is a short description of its editing status: 

All status transitions that are currently possible are available as buttons. Above, the item is in Work status and the user can either Freeze or Release it. The other options are not available for items in Work status, and are therefore grayed out.

Current Occurrences

The Current occurrences list includes all occurrences in the selected structure tree of the selected item. It enables you to see where in the model the occurrences are, and which versions are being used. That way, you can address the problem of multiple versions being used, if it is a problem. In the below example, there are 3 instances of "FrontRadar1". 

Name: Lists the name of the part or item, for each occurrence. If Part names are allowed, the part names are listed. If part names are not allowed, the names may still differ since different versions of the same item may have different item names.

Version: Lists the version of all occurrences, which may be different. In the above example, the item exists in version 1 and 2 in the selected structure.

As: Lists the part type of each occurrence.

Location: Lists the name of the item owning the occurrence/part.

Location Type: Lists the item type of the item owning the occurrence/part.

Location Owner: Lists the user who is the owner of the item owning the occurrence/part, which can be useful to know, in case you need to change the version of an occurrence in the item owned by that person.

Selecting an occurrence in the list will provide indicators in the structure tree as to their location. 

If there is more than one version represented, those that differ in version from the occurrence selected in the view will be indicated in yellow. Those occurrences having the same version as the selected occurrence (version 2 in the above example) will be indicated in green. See Replacing Versions of Occurrences below for how to handle mismatched versions. 

Note: The list includes only those occurrences that are actually in the selected structure tree.

Current Context Occurrences

The Current context occurrences section lists all occurrences in their context in the structure tree. This list is useful in case a version cannot simply be replaced in the Current occurrences list due to its owning item not being in "Work" status, e.g., "FrontRadar1" located under "Driver perception B" in the below example.

Tip: Right-click on any occurrence in the lists if you want to Open or Copy it.

Updating the Status

To update the status of a selected item, click on one of the available buttons. 

Current StatusAvailable OptionsResulting New Status
WorkReleaseReleased or CS Released (depending on status of item set)
FrozenReleaseReleased or CS Released (depending on status of item set)
Released or CS ReleasedNew version (only available if its owning item is in Work status)New version in Work

Replacing Versions of Occurrences

The view indicates in a number of ways if there are different versions of the selected item in use in the selected model: 

  • Current occurrences provides a Version column
  • Current context occurrences provides both Version and Next Version columns
  • The indicator column in the structure tree indicates the location of the occurrences, and whether each differ in version from the selected occurrence in the view or not. 

The following options are available in the view if any versions need to be updated.

Note: Version replace options are only possible if the selected occurrence's owning item is in Work status. This can easily be seen in the Current context occurrences list.

Replace to Next Version

If an occurrence in the structure needs to be updated to the next existing version of the item, select it in the Current occurrences list and click Replace to next version. Multi-select is supported. 

In the Batch operation dialog, click OK to complete the update. If no next version exists, no change will be made. In the above example, the selected version 1 items will be updated to version 2. 

Replace to Any Version

If you want to change the version of an occurrence to another existing version that is not necessarily the next version, select the occurrence and click Replace to any version. The Versions dialog will display where you can make your version selection and click OK.

Replace to Last Version

To update an occurrence to the latest version of the item, select it and click Replace to last version. Multi-select is supported. 

In the Batch operation dialog, click OK to complete the update. 

Replace with New Version

If you want to create a new version of the item, or replace it with the next available version, you can do this in the Current context occurrences section of the view. Multi-select is not supported. Select the occurrence and click New version and replace

In the above example, the selected occurrence will be updated to version 2 which is the Next Version. If there is no next version, an entirely new version will be created. 

Note: If the owning item is not in Work status, it will need to be replaced with a new version first before you can proceed. In the above example, the status of "Driver perception b" will need to be changed to Work before the "FrontRadar1" occurrence below it can be updated.