Systemite offers a Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment (HARA) solution that covers all of your hazard identification work from identifying hazards and hazardous events to defining safety goals. And, it's highly configurable so that you can readily integrate it into your SystemWeaver installation.


  • SWExtension.HazardIdentification.dll extension is included in your SystemWeaver client installation
  • The Hazard Identification extension views are configured (this is done by a system Architect)

Step 1  - Hazard Identification

The first step consists of defining the Safety item and its Function (Activity) and Signal (Output). As illustrated below, you cross a Function with Guideword(s). You then review the combinations that you have identified and decide whether there is a hazard or not. 

Step 2 - Hazardous Event Identification

The next step is to cross the identified Hazards from step 1 with Situation(s). You then analyze the realized combinations and make a decision as to whether there is a hazardous event or not. If there is a Hazardous event, enter values for the key attributes. Doing so, will automatically calculate an ASIL value. 

Step 3 - Creation of Safety Goals

In the final step of HARA, safety goals are created to mitigate the identified hazardous events. 

Views Supporting the Solution