In a project, you can define attribute types which can be used for issues. The attribute types are then available for use with all issue types in the project, but you select which issue types will use them. Creating attributes for use in CMS Projects for issues is done in the same way as creating attributes for use with items and parts. The only difference is where you create them. Attributes for use with issues are created in a project under the Projects tab. Attributes for items and parts are created using the swArchitect client.


Attribute Types Setup

Attribute types for issues are created under the Setup menu in a project. Open the project, click Setup and then select Attribute Types The page will display a list of all existing attribute types in the project.  All of the options for working with attribute types can be found in the right-click context menu.

Creating an Attribute Type for Issues

The steps for creating an attribute for issues is the same as for creating an attribute for items and parts with one additional option called Track changes available for issue attributes of type Enumeration. When selected, this option will log all changes to the attribute as a Note in the issue.

See Creating Attributes for a detailed description of the Create Attribute Type properties and options.

Modifying Issue Attributes

You can modify many of the settings for existing attributes at any time by selecting Edit Attribute Type in the right-click context menu. 

What's Next? 

To find out how to associate an attribute type with a specific issue type so that users can see them in the issue editor, see Setting Attribute Types in Creating Issue Types.