The SystemWeaver Path Query Language does not currently support item Status. However, it is possible to work around this by using SystemWeaver Function and Filters. After defining a function, you can then use it in Path Query Language.

Below is an example of a function called "Status", that requires a parameter of type Item and returns a string value which is the status of the received item. This Function can be used in any SystemWeaver configuration type, i.e., Grid, Report, Document, Graph and Chart.



I:  Checked in (Default value for items)
O: Checked out
F: Frozen
R: Released
X: CS Released

  <Filter name="Released">
    <ItemStatusEquals value="R"/>
  <Filter name="CS_Released">
    <ItemStatusEquals value="X"/>
  <Filter name="Frozen">
    <ItemStatusEquals value="F"/>
  <Filter name="Work">
    <ItemStatusEquals value="I"/>

  <Function name="Status" as="String">
    <Parameter name="ItemToCheck" as="Items"/>

      <When filter="Released">
        <Value select="'Released'"/>
      <When filter="CS_Released"> 
        <Value select="'CS_Released'"/>
      <When filter="Frozen">  
        <Value select="'Frozen'"/>
      <When filter="Work">  
        <Value select="'Work'"/>
    <Text>#{? Status(.)}</Text>

To see more examples of how to define and call functions, see Defining Custom Functions Using SystemWeaver Path Expressions.