This article explains how to use the SWExtension.VtestStudioImporter plugin with the swExplorer client to import test results from vTESTstudio. The import is part of the vTESTstudio workflow explained in Overview and Set-up of the vTESTstudio Workflow in SystemWeaver

Note: It is also possible to import test results directly from CANoe based on the same principles. However, it is up to the customer to define the exchange from SystemWeaver to CANoe.


  • Knowledge of vTESTstudio and CANoe
  • The SWExtension.VtestStudioImporter extension file is located in the Client's swExplorerExtensions directory
  • One (1) test result per import file is defined per SystemWeaver Test case

Below is a figure illustrating the part of the vTESTstudio workflow that is covered by the SWExtension.VtestStudioImporter.


Note: It is required that only one test result per file is defined per SystemWeaver Test case when importing data into SystemWeaver. if this requirement is not met, the import will be aborted.

Importing the Test Results

  1. Select the Test Suite item in the structure tree.
  2.  Open the VTESTstudio Result Importer extension view.

  3. Click Select file and navigate out to the .xml file to be imported. 
  4. In Import options, select the desired option. The available options are explained in detail below.
  5. Click Import.
  6. View the results in the structure tree.

Explanation of the Test Suite Options

There are three import options. 

Add Tests to the Corresponding Test Suites in Structure

If this import option is chosen, a new Test with results will be created and added to SystemWeaver for every Test Specification present in the import file. The Test will be placed in the same Test Suite where the Test Specification is located. Below is an example showing a Test Suite before and after an import. Note the addition of the Tests in the second picture:

Before Import

After Import

Add Test Results to Existing Tests in Structure

If this import option is chosen, the Tests where the results will be imported are expected to already exist in the structure below the given Test Suite. Note that for this option, there is no change in the structure. Below is an example showing a Test Suite "Test suite" before import. Note that the structure will look the same after import. Only the results will be added to the existing Tests:

Before and After Import


If there are no existing Tests to import to, a message with indicate this.

Create New Sub-Test Suite with Tests and Add Test Results

If this option is selected, a new sub-Test Suite will be created including Tests and the Test Results will be added. The name given to the new sub-Test Suite is the import file name_timestamp for import. Each time you re-import the test results, a new sub-Test Suite is created and the Test Scope is added as a part along with the corresponding Test Case and test case results.

Before Import

After Import