The page width option allows users to preview whether or not the content of a Description will fit within a specified page width configured, for example, for a document. They see a preview of what elements will be cut-off in the subsequent document output.

All content falling outside (to the right of) the indicator line will not be included in output with the selected page size nor in the Documents View (for Documents). This means that all portions of images and tables that do not fit within the page size work area to the left of the line will need to be manually resized to fit if it will be included in a generated Document or Report. Note that content must be to the left of the indicator line and not on top of it.

Text will automatically wrap within the page size area to the left of the indicator line as long as the Paragraph>Word Wrap setting is activated (this is the default setting in the editor).

Page Width Selection

By selecting a page width option in the drop-down in the Description editor, users can preview content with different, defined page widths.

  • An option that is pre-selected for you is the system default. If configured, the default line will also appear in the embedded Description in the Overview view.
  • You can make your own selection on-the-fly during viewing. Note that selections are only valid for the current viewing. The selection does not get saved. 
  • The indicator line is strictly a preview tool and has no effect on printing, e.g., page setup, print preview, printing. 

The options available are configured by Architect users. See Configure Description page width preview in the Help or Configuring Description Page Width Preview for configuration. 

There are four options: 

  1. No indicator line: If you do not configure Description page width, the page width preview will not be available to users.
  2. Page width selection without default: Page width view options available in the editor, but not implemented in the embedded Description.
  3. Page width selection with default: Page width view options available in the editor with a default value pre-selected, but not implemented in the embedded Description.
  4. Page width selection with default and preset in Overview: Page width view options available in the editor with a default value pre-selected, and indicator line displaying in the embedded Description.

Example configuration

  <Editor name="Template1" width="667"/>
  <Editor name="Template2" width="687"/>

  <Overview width="667"/>

  <!--Editor name="Template3" width="667" default="true"-->

* The width attribute is defined in pixels. It must take into account if left and/or right margin options are defined in XMLs for documents/reports for the preview to be accurate. For example, if a document template with header table is configured for A4 with a 20 mm left margin, a matching page width preview option should be configured for the page width selection list in the editor