When Architects create item types, part types and issues using the swArchitect client, they can select an icon to be displayed for each in the swExplorer client, so that users can easily distinguish between different types. 

Item Type Icon Selection in the swArchitect Client

 Using the Extension API, you can retrieve the icon for specific types when the extension is initialized, use the following code: 

using SystemWeaver.Resources;

private SWImages SwImages = new SWImages();

private static ImageSource GetImageSource(IswType type)
if (type != null
              && type.DisplayImageIndex >= 0
              && type.DisplayImageIndex < SystemWeaver.Resources.SWImages.Instance.MetaDataImages.Length)
              return SystemWeaver.Resources.SWImages.Instance.MetaDataImages[type.DisplayImageIndex];
              return null;

Note: In earlier versions, use SWImages.MetaDataImageSources instead of SystemWeaver.Resources.SWImages.Instance.MetaDataImages

Example of Icon Display in a View