This article describes how to enable network authentication for users with existing SystemWeaver user accounts who are logged in to a corporate Active Directory (AD). If the user is logged in to an Active Directory and the string in the Network id field is the same as the user id in Active Directory, the user can log in to SystemWeaver without a password. Since the user already has logged in to Windows using his Active Directory credentials, this does not impose a security risk as long as the user doesn't leave his PC unattended without locking the screen.

Users can be configured to allow the use of: 

  • Only a SystemWeaver username and password
  • Only Windows network authentication
  • Both a SystemWeaver username and password or a network authentication 


Tip: If setting up a new installation of SystemWeaver, an import wizard is available to import new users from LDAP.

  1. Log in to the SystemWeaver server using the swAdmin2 client.
  2. On the Users tab, double-click on a user entry to open it. 
  3. In the Network ID field, enter the user's valid network ID (user ID) exactly as it is entered in the AD. 
  4. Save your changes. The user can now log in to SystemWeaver by clicking on the Login as XXX button instead of entering a username and password as long as they are already logged in to the corporate Active Directory. If a password is also set in the account settings, the user has the option of logging in with their username and password as well. 


In the example below, the user account is set up so that the user can either log in by entering a SystemWeaver Username along with a valid SystemWeaver password OR by clicking the Login as button which will use network authentication.

Note: Accounts with no password will display placeholder dots in the Password fields even though a password is not set.