This article includes some known errors that can occur. In general, prior to restarting the SystemWeaver server application as a means of resolving a reported problem: 

  1. Open the Task Manager on the server machine. 
  2. Find the swDBServer.exe and check if there is some activity on it.
  3. If there is activity, the server is still running, it is likely handling a high load of operations. If the CPU is active, we recommend letting it run. It will become responsive again to users once it is finished. 

The server is running, but users cannot log in.

Error message in client

Error reading buffer. The type initializer for Systemite.lz4.Lz4 threw an exception.


The vcruntime.dll file is missing from the client directory. Adding it should solve the error.

Error message from log file

INFO sws - InitObjects end
[15044] INFO sws - Initializing...
[15044] INFO sws - Initializing Libraries
[15044] INFO Init - File repository: E:\SystemIte\Repository
[15044] INFO Init - File repository opened.
[15044] INFO Server - Database loaded.
[15044] INFO Server - UseSSL=False
[15044] INFO Server - Connecting to port: 3003
[15044] INFO tcp - TCP listening to 3003
[15044] INFO Server - Server started.
[16316] INFO tcp - Connection opened from
[16316] ERROR tcp - Exception in TCPServerConnect: Unable to load lz4 library
[16316] ERROR tcp - Exception in TCPServerDisConnect: Access violation at address 000000000088C4FE in module 'swServer64.exe'. Read of address 0000000000000088


You may need to update Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio on the server machine. This is often already installed on Windows machines because many other programs also use it. If a machine is basically clean with not much installed, it may be missing. If that is the case, you will need to install it: Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017 or later. Alternatively, confirm that the user is not missing any files in their client directory, e.g., vcruntime140.dll, liblz4.dll.

Error message from log file

ERROR SWConnection.Execute> Could not load file or assembly 'Systemite.Lz4, Version=1.0.6725.25651, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified. at Systemite.SystemWeaver.TcpSubServer.TcpConnection.WritePacket(Byte[] packet, Boolean fromEventThread)
at Systemite.SystemWeaver.TcpSubServer.TcpConnection.WriteBytes(Byte[] bytes, Boolean fromEventThread) in E:\AutomatedBuild\repos\trunk\CSharp\Source\Applications\Systemite.SystemWeaver.TcpSubServer\Project\TcpConnection.cs:line 145
 at Systemite.SystemWeaver.TcpSubServer.TcpConnection.Execute() in E:\AutomatedBuild\repos\trunk\CSharp\Source\Applications\Systemite.SystemWeaver.TcpSubServer\Project\TcpConnection.cs:line 107


The Systemite.Lz4 file is missing from the server directory. Adding it should resolve the error.

The server will not start. 

Error message

ERROR sws  - DB Integrity error


The error may be an indication that the data in the database contains orphaned parts and/attributes that do not have an owner. This must be cleaned up before the server can be started. Contact for more information.

The server will not start. 

Error message

Database is invalid version: 1.XX. This server requires database version: 1.XX.


The version of the server application is not compatible with the version of the database. Contact your SystemWeaver Administrator or for assistance.

Error message

Error - Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted


The port number is already in use. Enter a different port number for the server. 

Error message

INFO  main    - Command thread error: Error reading Integer from pipe.

INFO  main    - Command thread stopped

INFO  main    - TCP Server stopped with error: 1


Check to see that you have the certificate file in the same location as the server executable. Check also that the libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll files are there as well.

Error message

[FireDAC][Phys][ODBC][Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0]Unable to complete login process due to delay in opening server connection

ERROR Could not open database: XXXX


The problem resides on the MS SQL database server end.  Troubleshooting should be completed there.

Example error messages in swServer log 

ERROR adadapter - Error: [FireDAC][Phys][ODBC][Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Warning: Partial insert/update. The insert/update of a text or image column(s) did not succeed.

UPDATE swAttribute SET [Value] = :Value WHERE OBJ_ID = :OBJ_ID

ERROR bcall - [247816:248][FireDAC][Phys][ODBC][Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Warning: Partial insert/update. The insert/update of a text or image column(s) did not succeed. 

Error message in TcpSubServer log

ERROR Main> Ending program: Pipe is broken. at System.IO.Pipes.PipeStream.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode) 


The error resides with the ODBC driver and not the server. The cause is that an attempt was made to save too large of an amount of data to an attribute, but entirely manageable from a database perspective. A similar error message for other tables, e.g., swNote can also occur.

In the short term, the server will need to be restarted. 

For a long-term resolution, upgrading to Microsoft® ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server® - Windows ( or later should resolve the issue.  

After upgrade to version 13:

Starting with version of the swDatabaseManager tool, there is a Check max blob size button to test importing large data. To test, click the button. You do not need sole access to the database. 

Blob size is OK:

Blob size is too large to handle:

A user tries to add data that exceeds the allowed size.

Applicable to MS SQL Server only.

A user tries to add data to a replicated column or captured column in an MS SQL database that exceeds the allowed size.

Error message

[FireDAC][Phys][ODBC][Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Length of LOB data (70199) to be replicated exceeds configured maximum 65536.


The problem resides on the MS SQL database server end.  Consider adjusting the Max Text Replication Size setting.

We recently upgraded SystemWeaver and the server will not start.

Error message

Method not found: '!!0[] System.Array.Empty()'


Check to be sure .NET Framework 4.7 or later is installed on the server machine. If not, installing it should resolve the issue. 

User is trying to run the Statistics Report in swArchitect.

Error message

ERROR main    - Access violation at address 0000000000F7CBD6 in module 'swTestServer.exe'. Read of address 0000000000000010

[0000000000F7CBD6] swServerDataSerializer.TServerDataSerializer.SerializeAttributeWithoutOwner (Line 945, "swServerDataSerializer.pas" + 16) + $F


The root cause is a data problem with an attribute. Contact for troubleshooting assistance, and provide the complete stack trace error. Note that the data error will also cause slave servers to be unable to load all data upfront.

User is trying to open an item structure.

Error message

Exception message: Handle does not refer to an entity.

Stack list, generated 2020-05-28 19:19:55

(01F6C7D8){swExplorer.exe} [0236D7D8] swClientAPI.Error (Line 5059, "swClientAPI.pas" + 2) + $B

(01F73EAB){swExplorer.exe} [02374EAB] swClientAPI.TswClientBroker.GetEntity (Line 6803, "swClientAPI.pas" + 9) + $B

(01FA1C9C){swExplorer.exe} [023A2C9C] swClientAPI.TswGroup.InitGroupMembers (Line 18057, "swClientAPI.pas" + 15) + $1A

(01FA1069){swExplorer.exe} [023A2069] swClientAPI.TswGroup.CheckGroupMembers (Line 17850, "swClientAPI.pas" + 5) + $5


The root cause is a data problem in a user group. A fix is available for version R33 and later. Contact for instructions on how to use the swDatabaseManager to remove invalid group member(s). 

I am trying to start a SystemWeaver server against an MS SQL database, but it won't start.

Error message

ERROR sws     - [FireDAC][Phys][ODBC][Microsoft][ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server][SQL Server]Invalid object name 'META_INFO'. 


The cause is likely that the internal database that the SystemWeaver server uses has not been created yet. See Creating the Internal Database (for non-SQLite databases).

Users are unable to connect. 

Error message

Unable to connect to server. Socket Error # 10054


The problem resides external from SystemWeaver. This is a Windows error that can be caused by many reasons, e.g., an incorrect firewall configuration. 

I am trying to start a swTestServer against a SQLite database, but it won't start.

Error message

ERROR sws - Could not open database: E:\Data\DB.sqlite  [FireDAC][Phys][SQLite] ERROR: Cipher: DB is not encrypted


Confirm that the DatabasePassword and DatabasePasswordEncrypted entries in the swServer.ini are null as these are not required for SQLite databases.

I have started a swTestServer with encryption turned on (UseSSL=True), but users cannot log in.

Error message

The client and server cannot communicate, because they do not possess a common algorithm   at System.Net.SSPIWrapper.AcquireCredentialsHandle(SSPIInterface SecModule, String package, CredentialUse intent, SecureCredential scc)


If running IIS Crypto, check if your current settings are compatible with .NET Framework.

Users are getting a message in the client about insufficient disk space.

Error message

Exception message: There is not enough space on the disk.


The main server has run out of space. To resolve most quickly, we suggest you remove old log files (i.e., server logs (especially old dlq files), Rest API logs (if running the SystemWeaver Rest API on the same disk, etc.)) that may be taking up space as these files can become quite large. Clean-up of old log files, i.e., any log files that are not currently being written to, can be done at any time. We recommend reviewing disk space periodically and/or put in place a script to delete files older than, e.g., 6 months. If the large files are the ones currently being written to, you will need to stop the server application, move the log file and restart the server application. New files will generate. 

The File Repository also takes space. If you have the FIle Repository on the main server machine (which is best practice), you need to make sure you have enough space for that as well so that users can upload attachments to items. 

Users are getting an out of sync with server message.

Error message

SystemWeaver Server out of sync with database, restart needed.


If running MS SQL database, check the swServer.log. If the below SQL_ERROR exists, investigate if the database server is down or if the network connection between the SystemWeaver server application and the database server is unstable. The server application must be restarted. 

2023-09-18 10:12:33,523 [8356] ERROR adadapter  - Error: [FireDAC][Phys][ODBC][SQLSRV32.DLL] SQL_ERROR

UPDATE swUser SET [LastLogin] = :LastLogin WHERE OBJ_ID = :OBJ_ID

2023-09-18 10:12:33,538 [8356] ERROR bcall   - Out of sync detected: [FireDAC][Phys][ODBC][SQLSRV32.DLL] SQL_ERROR

[000000000074F221] JclDebug.TJclStackInfoList.Create (Line 5509, "JclDebug.pas" + 34) + $0

[000000000074ED42] JclDebug.JclCreateStackList (Line 5351, "JclDebug.pas" + 1) + $3E

[000000000074EC9B] JclDebug.DoExceptionStackTrace (Line 5292, "JclDebug.pas" + 20) + $1F

[0000000000751E48] JclDebug.DoExceptNotify (Line 6741, "JclDebug.pas" + 7) + $0

[00000000007403C2] JclHookExcept.TNotifierItem.DoNotify (Line 272, "JclHookExcept.pas" + 5) + $1D

[000000000074062B] JclHookExcept.DoExceptNotify (Line 339, "JclHookExcept.pas" + 13) + $2B

[00000000007407A0] JclHookExcept.HookedRaiseException (Line 381, "JclHookExcept.pas" + 14) + $0

[00000000004106C3] System.@RaiseAtExcept + $103

[0000000000410728] System.@RaiseAgain + $38

[0000000000D97B6C] ADAdapter.TadCommand.ExecSQL (Line 456, "ADAdapter.pas" + 20) + $5

[0000000000C51C93] sysDBGenerated_1_Latest_DB.TswUser.SetLastLogin (Line 25446, "sysDBGenerated_1_Latest_DB.pas" + 13) + $0

[0000000000F872CC] swServerAPI2.TswUserHelper.RegisterLogin (Line 4767, "swServerAPI2.pas" + 6) +$0

[0000000001055496] swCallProcedureServer2.TswCallProcedure2.Server_CheckPasswordAndRegisterLogin (Line 692, "swCallProcedureServer2.pas" + 12) + $0