When users create and use references to items in SystemWeaver, the reference links include a SystemWeaver URL along with the item's ID. The URL references the server used by the user who created the reference. 



As described in Opening Items and Issues Using a URL, users can click on these links to open items (or issues). 

If an installation includes one or more mirror servers used by users in different geographical locations to decrease latency, those users will ideally want to be redirected to their mirror server when clicking on the reference links rather than being redirected to a main server in a different location. You can configure the use of SystemWeaver URLs so that a user's open instance of the swExplorer (which is running against one of the configuration's listed SystemWeaver servers) will be used when clicking on a link. In other words, if a user has a client open and clicks on a link to an item, it will use the open client even if the link includes the URL for another mirror server or the main server. However, if no client is open on the user's machine, the link will redirect to the server referenced in the link. 


  • Client application installation includes the following files:
    • swExplorerLauncher.conf
    • swExplorerLauncher.exe
  • SystemWeaver URL protocol has been registered (this can be done by using the swExplorerLauncherRegister.bat or any ClickOnce distribution of the swExplorer).

To enable the solution, the configuration file for the swExplorerLauncher must be placed on the client machines in the same location as the swExplorerLauncher executable. 


  <Server ip="" port="443">
    <Alt ip="209.systemite.net" port="443"/>
    <Alt ip="mirror2" port="222"/>
    <Alt ip="ipv4" port="333"/>
    <Alt ip="ipv6" port="444"/>
  <Server ip="sys7" port="1349">
    <Alt ip="" port="1349"/>

In the above example configuration file, one <Server> instance has five IPs (Server and Alt, in no particular order) and another instance has two IP options.


As noted in SystemWeaver Server - Software and Hardware Requirements, we recommend the use if server aliases.