Systemite highly recommends that Architects keep a small, yet all-encompassing, example structure in the database. The example structure should capture all constructions in the meta model and trigger all configurations. Ideally, the example should not contain any confidential information (i.e., no real examples). It can then be used as a staging area for new configurations and the data on which these are developed.

Another benefit of keeping a small example structure is that it can be used when reporting problems to Systemite Support. If you discover an issue in a structure, attempt to reproduce the problem in the example structure. If the problem can be reproduced there, export the example structure and send it to Systemite Support. It makes analyzing and solving the problem much easier. If the problem cannot be reproduced in the example, it is likely that the problem is not easily reproduced. Attempt to reproduce in a different structure to determine if it may or may not be data-related.