The functionality to generate XHTML from descriptions has been significantly improved.  

Note that this requires that Configurable XML definitions are updated to use the tag <Extension name="xhtmlDescription"/> instead of the <Description format="reqif"/>.

Below is a minimal working example utilizing the new XHTML functionality:

<XDocument name="Doc1">
  <XElement name="Info">
    <Extension name="xhtmlDescription"/>

Validation of generated ReqIF files is still recommended since some descriptions may contain hyperlinks with faulty references that cannot be handled other than through changing the source description.


  • The result will always generate valid XML.
  • The formatting in the resulting XHTML is converted in a much better way.

Known limitations

  • Paragraph background color that is set for an empty row is not preserved after conversion.

Before conversion

After conversion

  • Overlined formatting is not preserved.
  • Max allowed width for tables is 31680 twips. if exceeding it will be set to max.
  • Description References are not preserved. The formatting stays the same but they are no longer clickable links.
  • Horizontal lines are not preserved.