The Table Of Contents uses predefined text styles and paragraph styles. These styles can be modified using the ParaStyles and FontStyles tags. 

Example Configuration

    <ParaStyle name="TOC1" alignment="left" spaceBefore="0"/>
    <ParaStyle name="TOC2" alignment="left" spaceBefore="0"/> 
    <FontStyle name="TOC1" style="bold" font="Times New Roman" size="24" color="blue" />
    <FontStyle name="TOC2" style="bold" font="Times New Roman" size="20" color="blue" />
  <Section title="Introduction">
  <Section title="Chapter 1">
    <Section title="This is a section">
    <Section title="This is another section">
      <Section title="This is third level section">


What's Next? 

Learn more about ParaStyles and FontStyles in the Help.